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Defying the physical, and changing the economics & effectiveness of medical device innovation & training.



A revolutionary low cost browser-based Platform to record every case, every day

straight to the secure cloud and viewing/sharing online minutes after the procedure…


Our patent-pending system also allows you to perform live global HD interactive sessions in 2 clicks:

to teach, enhance surgeon performance, and easily execute real-time intraoperative consults.


The hosted HIPAA-compliant, GDPR-compliant, HDS-compliant technology facilitates live real-time collaboration for surgeons, staff and medical device companies to educate, tele-mentor, ensure optimal product use, 

and secure product adoption from the operating theatre to anywhere.


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The Medical Device Industry’s premiere vendor for fully-managed, video-centric online surgeon education & marketing programs, with a proven process guaranteeing event success used extensively over the years by:

Connecting Healthcare to Innovation

Simplify training costs and the training experience,
enhance medical device innovation, sales & marketing outreach,
and capture a new richer engagement with surgeons everywhere,
through fully managed interactive Events and simple HD collaboration online.

Years of performing successful online Events - exclusively for the global surgical community

Training surgeons and other healthcare professionals in over 30 countries



100 percent success guarantee with our time-proven Events management process

The world’s leading medical device manufacturers, small startup healthcare companies and international medical societies have relied on our team to deliver training, connectivity and sales/marketing events for over eleven years.

Engauge Your Global Surgeon Audience

(while they’re at home online in their pajamas)


Global interactive HD live surgery, where your web audience of up to 10,000 persons connect and learn with the OR team.


Our Specialization


The Online Surgical Training Event involves many moving pieces and critical details.


Many of our customers come to us for successful Live Events
after failing at trying to execute Webinars themselves.

ENGAUGE specializes in dynamic video-based presentations where key points are shared through synchronized high-resolution video playback interactively. Our specialized team, tools and process have been refined & successfully utilized through 10 years of live training Events—
all essential, because a “live show” cannot tolerate failure, and neither does the surgeon public you put your name and your product in front of.

Engauge Your Audience, Measure Your Effort

Train easily, securely & powerfully online. Eliminate conventional events’ high travel costs, enable your surgeon colleagues to spend more time with their patients and work with you more conveniently, and save the planet of extra carbon emissions- with all training and interactivity happening directly over the web. ENGAUGE provides the entire suite of managed Event services for medical device training and surgeon/patient outreach on our Platform and software.

  • Event Planning & Customization 10% 10%
  • Custom Pre-Event Survey Design and Execution 20% 20%
  • Content (Powerpoint®, Keynote® & Video Files) Upload Management 30% 30%
  • Technical Rehearsal with all Presenters & Your Team 40% 40%
  • Content Processing & Implementation 50% 50%
  • Pre-Event Support for your team (including dinner Event location testing) 60% 60%
  • The Event 70% 70%
  • Event Video Editing & Delivery (online download for use on your web investments) 80% 80%
  • Post-Event Surveys and Data Report Delivery 90% 90%
  • Webinar Data Report Delivery, with user attendance, feedback and discrete geo data 100% 100%

We Manage & Deliver

All required aspects of the Event.  So you don’t have to worry about them. Including:  The RSVP process, all technical and content planning & rehearsals, the Event itself…and beyond: after your Webinar we deliver a manicured perfect video for you to share with all later prospects and marketing/sales teams on your website, a complete data report of who attended, the engagement level and custom details for surveys and polls you asked your audience regarding your patient care, education, sales and marketing needs.

Each Event incorporates a data collection of your audience and their experience- complete with custom surveys for your audience explaining where their interest and focus is at.  Our Webinar Data Report provides geo, timestamp and other information you seek, delivered to you the day after the Webinar so you can gauge your prospect interest and feedback.  Understand your investment immediately, and understand your market more powerfully.

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